Friday, 10/27
Regenstein Library, Room S-102

2:00 Anne Robertson, Opening Remarks

Music, Emotion and Theory
2:15 Naomi Weiss, Music and Pathos in Aeschylean Tragedy
3:15 Sean Gurd, Compound Emotions and the Music of Tragedy
4:15 Coffee Break
4:30 Tim Power, Diegetic Music in Tragedy
5:30 Gabriel Lear, Respondent

*Classics, Room 110*
7:00 Dinner, open to all attendees
7:30 John Franklin, The Wise Crocodiles: A New Citharodic Melodrama of Euripides’ Helen
With a performance by students, faculty, and alumni
Jordan Johansen, Moderator

Saturday, 10/28
Regenstein Library, Room S-102

9:30 am Breakfast, open to all attendees

Meter and Measurement
10:00 Abigail Akavia, Asymmetry in Sophocles: The Case of Oedipus at Colonus
11:00 Tim Moore, Meter, Music, and Power in Euripides’ Medea
12:00 Coffee Break
12:15 Richard Neer, Statues, Songs and Sites: Some Preludes to Pindar

1:15 Lunch, open to all attendees

Tragedy as Musical Performance
2:30 Jon Solomon, Giovanni Pacini’s Saffo: A Mid-Nineteenth-Century Attempt at Reviving Ancient Greek Music
3:30 Coffee Break
3:45 Amy Cohen, Making Masks Sing: Insights for Ancient Practice from Modern
4:45 Coffee Break
5 Sarah Nooter, Closing Remarks

6:30 Dinner, conference guests only